Pink Is The New Bold – Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2016

Pink is the New Bold a charity campaign launched in 2016 by Celmonze The Signature in collaboration with MAKNA to educate and provide support for breast cancer patients, survivors and family. The main message of this campaign is to create an awareness for women to start breast self-examinations. It is also designed to enable easy access to information not only on breast cancer but also cancer in general.

Celmonze helds it’s first Beautician Appreciation Ceremony to celebrate 17 beautician who achieve 3 star beautician qualification. The 3 star qualification represents the ability of the beautician in handling facial skills, perform skin analysis- describe client skin condition, prescribe and manage Celmonze treatment and retails product and staff personal appearance and attitude. To achieve the qualification batch of Celmonze The Signature, beautician must go through Terms & Conditions below:

• Attended min. 40 hours training for face or body starting from Day 1 of training.
• No batch or certificate will be awarded if attendance of student missed 30 minutes or more during of the training classes.
• Able to handle CTS facial or body skills professionally.
• Able to handle client’s skin problem and provide solution to skin.
• Expert to handle Celmonze Product and Treatment regime.
• Beautician must on job working min.6 months in beauty salon to required 3 star batch.
It is a strict training to ensure all beauticians are prepared and knowledgable before they are able to resolve customers skin problems.