Rose Essential Face Oil 12ml/30ml

Harvested before sunrise to ensure the nutrient and the fragrance is locked in to give you instant glow



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Rose Essential Face Beauty Oil


Our skin naturally makes oils and lipids. Face oils are substances that help complement our natural oils.

If you think of the skin as a brick wall, the skin cells are the bricks and the oils and lipids are the mortar, which holds the bricks together & prevents anything from seeping through. Like an extra level of protection for your skin.

Like our Rose Beauty Face Oil, it is harvested before sunrise to ensure the nutrient and the fragrance is locked in to give you instant glow. Helps soothe and reduce redness for sensitive skin. Suitable for dry and aging skin because our rose oil helps to reduce fine lines.



– Rose oil helps to boost tired skin to gives you instant glowing and rejuvenated skin
– Helps to balance and stabilize mood
– Contains the highest amount of Vitamin A to repair damaged skin, reduce wrinkles and hydrates skin
– Anti-inflammatory and helps to soothe skin redness
– Contains 6 types of oil: Rosa Damascena, Rosa Canina ( rosehip), sweet almond, ylang ylang and frankinese oil.



3 drops of Rose Essential Face oil onto Palm, deep breathing in & out for 3 times.
Place palm on forehead and chin to calm your mind.
Add moisturizer on palm and apply evenly.
Place both palm on cheek and slowly glide to side ear and followed by gliding downwards.
Glide upwards along laughing line towards forehead. Hold for 2sec then glides downward toward Neckline.
Massage till fully absorbed

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12ml, 30ml


Intensive Care

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