Signature Plus Treatment with Machine Application

Renew skin with 4 results by the most advance machine application : Brightening, Acne-Clearing, Firming and Soothing





Signature Plus Treatment is an effective customized facial treatment that is tailored to prevent 4 main skin problems: acne, dull, sensitive and sagging (4 problems in 1 solution). This treatment uses the latest technology Signature Plus machine application incorporating 18 years of enhanced industry best practice knowledge to deliver the result instantly.

With your choices of the machine, the combination of Signature Plus Nano Mist, Signature Plus Lymphatic Regulator, Signature Plus Oxygen Electro, Signature Plus Face Muscle Energizer and/or Signature Plus Biowave Rejuvenation System can help achieve crystal perfection. Followed by our Signature Facelift Massage which uses a combination of massage techniques help set 7 muscles, improve blood circulation and has lymphatic drainage benefits, just like a detox. It treats your skin by boosting its immune system and the perk is you will see instant lifting results. Experience the crystal perfection of Signature Plus Treatment, it can help to achieve to renew your skin: brightening, acne-clearing, firming and soothing.


Duration: 1hr 50m



– Signature Plus Nano Mist –  Calm Inflammation | Soothe & Nourish
– Signature Plus Lymphatic Regulator – Boost Radiance | Brighter Complexion
– Signature Plus Oxygen Electro – Kill Bacteria | Calm Down Acne
– Signature Plus Face Muscle Energizer – Redefine Facial Contours | Restore Skin Firmness
– Signature Plus Biowave Rejuvenation System – Enhance Absorption of Nutrients | Improve Oxygenation


* For First Time Female customers, aged 21 years old & above only.


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